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I saved the Sound Recorder command as a shortcut so I can launch the program in high-res mode by double-clicking the icon.

Knobs are nice, but you can often use text commands to make audio programs do things they normally won't. For example, Sound Recorder in Windows Vista and Windows 7 saves all recordings as lossy, 96kbps WMA files — unless you launch it from the command line. Click Start, Run and enter soundrecorder/file filename.wav, and the program will launch. When you go to save your recording, it will be a 16-bit WAV.

The command MMSYS.CPL opens the Sound control panel. I assigned it to Ctrl-Alt-S with AutoHotKey (autohotkey.com, free) — much easier than groping for the tiny speaker icon in the system tray. Typing shell:sendto opens the SendTo folder, where you can put shortcuts to other folders and programs. I added a shortcut to the 1by1 player (mpesch3.de1.cc, free) so I can quickly preview audio files by right-clicking them.
David Battino,Batmosphere.com