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The Prestige Series P-3600 AR G is a 3RU power conditioner/true-RMS voltage regulator that ensures stable 120-volt power delivery from any input voltage source between 100V to 127V or 208V to 240V.
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Furman P-3600 AR G
The Prestige Series P-3600 AR G is a 3RU power conditioner/true-RMS voltage regulator that ensures stable 120-volt power delivery from any input voltage source between 100V to 127V or 208V to 240V. The P-3600 AR G's predecessor, the Furman AR-PRO, has been an indispensable product for many professional users. The updated model features Furman's True RMS regulation technology (using an ultralow-noise torroidal isolation transformer/auto-former, high-current switching TRIACs and microprocessing control) to step-down or step-up input voltages. The unit also offers Furman's exclusive LiFT/SMP/EVS technologies for professional-level protection and linear AC noise filtration. These features make it a reliable, application-specific alternative to typical step-up/step-down transformers.
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Furman P-1800 PF
An update to Furman's Power Factor Pro, the P-1800 PF is a floor version of the popular rackmount P-1800 PF R. Ideal for instrument amplifiers and guitar/bass heads, the P-1800 PF provides comprehensive protection with Furman's exclusive Power Factor and Clear Tone Technologies for uncompromised performance from high-current gear. Furman's Power Factor Technology reduces AC line impedance by providing a 45A peak current reservoir. This gives instrument amplifiers and powered speakers the headroom to operate at maximum efficiency and sound consistent from venue to venue. The P-1800 PF features isolated outlet banks to minimize intercomponent interference, and offers Furman's exclusive SMP/LiFT/EVS technologies for professional-level protection and linear AC noise filtration. The unit's LED voltmeter displays the incoming line voltage, while Protection OK and Extreme Voltage indicators provide information on power quality and the operational status of the unit.
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G Lab BC-1
The BC-1 boosting compressor is a classic analog footpedal design with an optical component to ensure ultra-low-noise performance and superior sound quality. The BC-1 is a guitar-specific design that works especially well on crunch and overdriven tones, providing boost and compression as needed, yet without adding pumping or breathing artifacts to the sound. A second switch takes the BC-1 out of the signal path with G LAB''s noise-free True Bypass optical circuitry, ensuring total transparency of the signal. For maximum effectiveness, G LAB recommends placing the BC-1 directly after the wah-wah pedal in the signal chain. While the BC-1 is an analog device by design, it can also be controlled via its MIDI input. Price: $339.
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G Lab TCH-1 Tidy Chorus
The TCH-1 is a classic chorus effect featuring G LAB''s Max Analog technology to attain a clear, deep chorus effect on electric guitar and bass. The Tidy Chorus is a dual-effect design housing a 24-bit DSP processor with a discrete analog signal path and control, resulting in a very low-noise, low-distortion sound. Features include two sets of rotary rate and depth effect regulators, allowing two completely different chorus effects to be programmed. Additional controls provide a wide-range tonal palette. These include a FAT switch for a thicker sound and a MIX switch that varies the ratio of dry-to-effect ratio. Two footswitches provide effect on/off and A/B selection for ease of operation. For external control, the Tidy Chorus also includes a MIDI input that accepts Program Change and Control Change commands from a foot controller. Price: $339.
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Hosa HDC-800 Dynamic Stereo Headphones
Featuring closed earpieces for superior isolation and bass response, the headphones employ 40mm drivers for linear frequency response that extends from 20 to 20k Hz. These dynamic, closed-ear headphones use circumaural ear coupling to deliver a rich, articulate low end. Featuring a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug and 1/4-inch adaptor, the new HDC-800 headphones are as well-suited to the control room for mixing and recording as they are for use with portable music players. Outfitted with a 10-foot cable, these headphones are the perfect match for both critical and casual listening. One particularly distinct characteristic of the new HDC-800 headphones is their extra-wide headband. The design creates excellent lateral pressure, thus closing off the ear cushions for maximum isolation. MSRP: $50. Available Q1 2010.
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In-Ear Systems Fidelity Custom Earphones
Fidelity Custom Earphones offer both dual- and triple-driver models of custom in-ear headphones. Two balanced armature drivers coupled with a custom crossover network create a warm yet extremely detailed sound tailored for the working musician. The Fidelity Triple takes our accurate sound signature one step further. By adding the third driver, we are able to break the signal down another step. This allows each driver to operate more efficiently in its specific band.

Loop Workshop Rock Drumz 4
Rock Drumz 4 is our latest offering in 16-bit/44.1 and 24-bit/48k AIFF loops. Small, affordable, easily downloaded loop packages for all DAWs.
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Movek myMix
myMix is the first networked personal mixer and multitrack recorder designed for musicians. myMix allows up to eight independent stereo mixes and up to 18 tracks of multitrack recording to an optional SD card. The intuitive user interface is designed to keep musicians in a creative state-of-mind and not force them to think like an engineer.
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MusicianLink jamLink
The jamLink is an ultra-low-latency audio device that enables real-time jamming over the Internet.
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Phonic Corporation PAA6
The PAA6 is an advanced, 2-channel digital handheld audio analyzer. All functions and menus are easily accessed through a 480x272 color touch-screen display. The PAA6 inherits significantly improved functions from the other popular models in the Phonic audio analyzer family, including real-time spectrum, RT60, tone generator, LEQ, EQ setting and phase checking. Moreover, the PAA6 audio tester provides engineers with an even wider array of essential sound analysis tools than ever before—now adding SLM, FFT, THD+N and scope functions to the mix, as well as two built-in mics that can take highly accurate measurements from multiple positions in any given room. A USB connector and SD card slot have been included to assist in transferring information to and from your computer.
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Primacoustic Nimbus
The Nimbus is a high-performance ceiling cloud that comes complete with mounting hardware, suspension wires and eye-hooks. Ideal for studio and other acoustic installations where noise makes communication difficult.
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Pro Co Sound Limited Edition '85 White-Face Rat
Not merely a reissue, Pro Co has re-created the Rat, the benchmark that set the standard by which all others are measured. We followed exact specifications, researched and found the same components, used the original circuit board layout, and, of course, added the essential LM308 chip. The result of our efforts is the Limited Edition '85 Whiteface Rat, a Rat pedal worthy of its heritage. It's all there, inside that small, ugly black indestructible steel box: Sound as mellow as a vintage "twin" or as bone-crushingly powerful as a battery of those famous English stacks—instantly, at any volume. From the sweet wail of the blues to the grinding raunch of the heaviest rock, the Pro Co Limited Edition '85 Whiteface Rat delivers. This isn't just a reissue of your old Rat, this is your old Rat.
NAMM Booth: #6949

Sensaphonics 3MAX Custom Earphone
The 3MAX is the world's first triple-driver custom IEM earphone with soft silicone earpieces and a field-replaceable cable. Features a proprietary twin-driver bass system paired with a precision HF driver for more headroom, higher output and audio reference accuracy.
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Shure SRH440 Pro Studio Headphones
Building on a legacy of working hand-in-hand with sound engineers and recording artists, Shure has created three unique headphone products that deliver a masterful balance between rich lows, warm mids and crisp highs. Tuned to deliver accurate audio reproduction, the SRH440 is ideal for recording and monitoring. At $99.99, the SRH440 headphones feature an adjustable headband and collapsible construction for added comfort and portability.
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Soultone Cymbals Old-School Vintage Series Cymbals
Soultone Cymbals is proud to introduce the addition of The Old-School Edition cymbals to their Vintage Series product line. Company founder and CEO, Iki Levy, will be presenting them at the 2010 Winter NAMM. Developed with Soultone Cymbals' roster of top drummers, percussionists and their own Turkish master craftsman, this new line is based on the classic cymbals of the 1950s and '60s. They offer a richer, darker signature sound, and a new EarthStroke natural finish with deeper lathing to provide a sweeter, open tone for nearly any style of music.
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Source Audio Soundblox Pro Series
Both of the new Soundblox Pro distortion products offer their own extensive palate of distortions, plus a clean boost/EQ mode. Each distortion type is highly customizable via the intuitive interface and 7-band graphic EQ. Six user presets, accessible via three footswitches, allow for the speedy recall of any custom-tailored sound, and a traditional expression pedal input morphs rom one user preset to another. Plus, each pedal has a MIDI input, allowing external access to presets and parameters. The Soundblox Pro Multiwave Distortion offers 23 distinctive and modern effect types. What makes the Multiwave unique is its use of multiband processing, which offers a clear distortion with unprecedented note articulation. The Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion features four tube amp and eight fuzz box overdrive tones in the same powerful control format as the Pro Multiwave. Both pedals are also available in the scaled-down, non-programmable, standard Soundblox line. The two product lines are compatible with the Hot Hand Motion Controller, and feature state-of-the-art 56-bit DSP with 24-bit converters for crystal-clear output.
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XOX Audio Tools
XOX is introducing four new and dynamic variations on the Handle guitar, each custom-designed for specific musical tastes and personalities. Jazzster is custom-built with Breed Bridge and Airzone pickups, versatile single to humbucker individual switching, giving a unique dynamic range from jazz purist through fusion and into new-age. Honkytonk is an homage to vintage sounds and classical beauty with Handle performance, with its deep cream-color lacquer, pearloid pickguard, vintage pickups and a unique split-coil combination switching option. SPD features a Kahler tremolo, aggressive pickups, multiple PU switching options and full-throttle performance. The Dragon offers active EMG pickups, a Kahler tremolo, exotic metallic jade-dragon tattoo, a special hand-laid mother-of-pearl dragon inlay on the fretboard.
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Zero Crossing N-Tune
N-Tune is a revolutionary tuner that is the only onboard electric guitar and base tuner. This means that the tuner is now part of the instrument, never to be lost or stolen again. n our product line-up, we are also launching a new derivative called N-Tune Amp'd, a tuner that is now available to be part of any amplifier. All of our products will be prominently displayed at NAMM.
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Zoom G1u
The G1u effects pedal is also a USB audio interface, allowing you to record your favorite tones right to your computer. The G1u provides eight modules for a collection of 67 different effects, along with a harmonized pitch shifter and long delay settings. There''s also 100 pre-programmed patches that model legendary sounds from the '60s and '70s, as well as contemporary tones and famous artist styles. Plus, with 100 user patches, you can program your own sounds. With its 32-bit ZFX-3 engine, the G1u offers sophisticated processing power. And Zoom''s authentic-sounding models are made possible by high-resolution signal processing with 24-bit AD/DA conversion and 96kHz sampling. It even houses a drum machine and auto-chromatic tuner.
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Zoom G2Nu, G2.1Nu
Zoom''s new G2Nu and G2.1Nu take the performance, tone and functionality of the popular G2 guitar effects pedal and incorporate years of engineering innovation. Zoom''s revamping started with the overdrive/distortion sounds. Twenty types of guitar amps and stomp boxes offer finely tuned sonic qualities including gain settings and harmonic character. Both new pedals also feature 100 preset guitar sounds, 20 of which have been created by renowned guitarist Steve Vai. Additional patches meticulously emulate famous rock sounds from the '60s and '70s, as well as other famous artists. And the G2.1Nu also features a built-in expression pedal for enhanced control. The new pedals can also operate as audio interfaces, letting users record directly to a computer via the built-in USB port. Plus, Zoom''s direct monitoring design eliminates latency problems and allows you to seamlessly capture any tone right on your favorite computer DAW. A large 1.9-inch LCD display and a new, more intuitive interface also provide easier navigation during both live and recording sessions.
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