Overloud TH-U has 239 Models and 1000 Presets

The next evolution of their guitar amp simulation software aims to make an impression
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There's some staunch competition in the virtual guitar amp simulation space, but Overloud are one of the developers seemingly putting more focus into the maintenance and updating of their virtual rig simulation packages – case in point: their TH-3 emulation package is about to be boosted to a new version.

'Version U' offers what Overloud call "The world's largest collection" in one virtual package, said to include 239 models: that's 89 guitar and four bass amps, 50 guitar cabs and two bass cabs, 77 processors (virtual pedals and rack effects), 18 microphone models – four of which can be placed per cab – and, perhaps crucially, over 1000 presets to get instant, well-sculpted tone.

Presets aren't for everyone, of course, but these will be a selling point for the no-muss-no-fuss guitarists who want to call up a quick-and-dirty classic tone. Naturally, DIY fully customisable setups are available for anyone who wants the true (virtual) rig experience.

With more and more guitarists making the jump to digital, a change which hasn't exactly been seamless, it's good to see more updates coming in this space.

TH-U should be available in February for €199 (regular price €299). TH-3 users can upgrade for a smaller charge.