Overloud TH3

An amp-and-effects sim with a wider-than-average palette
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The third time was definitely the charm for Overloud’s TH-series amp-and-effects-modeling software suite. Its amp collection offers a lot more than just the ubiquitous classic amp types, adding features that you don’t see anywhere else, such as official models from Brunetti, Randall, DV Mark, and THD.

One of our favorite amp models is the Brunetti Metropolitan, which excels for both distorted and clean sounds. In fact, while clean sounds are often a weak point for amp sims, they’re a strength in TH3—as are crunchy and distorted tones, for that matter.

TH3’s effects go beyond the expected. Of particular note is the Harmonizer, a two-voice pitch shifter that offers clean and accurate transposition. The ring modulator is stellar, too. The reverbs, many of which are based on Overloud’s Breverb, are smooth and natural sounding. To top it off, Overloud gave TH3 a new, easier-to-use interface.