Oxford SuprEsser shipping - now with 10% discount until end of June

Oxford SuprEsser shipping - now with 10% discount until end of June London, UK (April 28th, 2008) The brand-new and hotly anticipated Oxford SuprEsser plug-in from Sonnox is available now, and the first wave of purchasers will get an attractive 10% off the purchase price of £180 + VAT if they buy before 30th June 2008.

First announced at this year's NAMM show in January, the SuprEsser is both a fully featured professional De-Esser and a Dynamic EQ. The plug-in includes both a simple mode for quick fixes, and an advanced mode for increased functionality and fine-tuning. So whether the user wants a fast and easily applied De-esser, or needs to get down and dirty with specific frequency bands, SuprEsser can offer the answer.

As a De-Esser, the Oxford SuprEsser is designed to treat sibilance and fricatives in vocals, and to eliminate the unwanted whistles and spirant artefacts associated with wind instruments. But it's equally adept at removing low-end plosives and thuds from over-close vocal work, without affecting nearby low-end components in the frequency spectrum. Best of all, the SuprEsser only de-esses the frequency band set by the user, preventing an over-de-essed lisp-like voice, and ensuring only natural-sounding results.

The Oxford SuprEsser is built around an enhanced version of the compressor section of the Oxford Dynamics plug-in, which is renowned in the professional production community for the precision and transparency of its peak control. A pair of linear phase cross-over filters, modelled on those in the Oxford EQ, have been added to make the compressor react only to the defined frequency band. This makes the SuprEsser useful for precise mastering work as well as mixing work.

Despite offering such powerful tools, the SuprEsser is very easy to use. An intuitive graphical display provides clear visual feedback, enabling fast identification of frequencies needing treatment, and where threshold levels should be set. The threshold level and peak hold levels of the user-definable band are graphically displayed, alongside the FFT display of the narrow band signal, which includes retention of the peak level and the frequency containing the most energy.

• To receive 10% discount off the normal purchase price, users must buy the SuprEsser before 30th June 2008.

• Test-drive the power of the Oxford SuprEsser by downloading the fully functioning 15-day demo from the Sonnox website (www.sonnoxplugins.com)

• The Oxford SuprEsser is a Native plug-in (RTAS, AU, VST), but will also work with Pro Tools HD and PowerCore systems (running natively).