Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory in Ableton Movies

A New Sequence
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Berlin, April 07, 2014

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We are extremely pleased to present a new trio of Ableton artist films featuring Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory.

A New Sequence follows Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory as they prepare and perform their version of Terry Riley's "In C". We join the musicians at early rehearsals in Oslo and see Hendrik Weber (Pantha du Prince) muse on the origins of his art and his current collaboration with the Norwegian percussion ensemble. As the action shifts to London, the technical challenges of reinterpreting a major work such as "In C" loom ever larger. The film culminates with a triumphant performance at the Barbican Center, where the spirited musical interaction between Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory is enhanced by the eye-popping visuals of The Joshua Light Show.

Watch the documentary - Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: A New Sequence

We were so fascinated by the interplay between Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory's electronic and acoustic instruments that we ended up making two further films; exploring some of the technical and musical aspects of their collaboration in more detail.

First, Hendrik shows us how he uses Ableton Live and hardware effects to process the instruments from The Bell Laboratory, and sequence his own synths and drum machines while on stage. Plus, we learn how Hendrik uses cue points in Live to build a playable arrangement of the instruction-based score of "In C".

Watch Pantha Du Prince: Live Set-up for "In C"

Then, Heming Valebjørg of The Bell Laboratory shows us the range of percussion instruments used by the group for "In C". In mesmerizing performance and studio clips The Bell Laboratory demonstrate their mastery of everything from tubular bells to the balafon and beyond.

Watch The Bell Laboratory: Instruments

Pantha Du Prince is on tour in the US during May. Check out the dates here.