What it is: [from the website] The Pearl DS60 condenser microphone is a multiple-choice stereo microphone. It is the Pearl classic — designed in the ‘60s offering stereo recording in different modes. The mic contains two rectangular dual-membrane capsules mounted one above the other 90 degrees apart. These capsules capture the nuances of a live performance by achieving a very flat and resonance-free frequency response that extends deep into the lower frequencies and high into the upper frequencies.
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How it works:

Trying to select and mount two identical mics in your choice of stereo patterns can become difficult at best. Usually the mesh itself or the body of the mic make it nearly impossible to get the capsules as close together as you would like. The DS60 takes the guesswork out of the equation and has mounted two identical capsules inside one body. This is not a new concept but it is an expanded one. These are two large diaphragm capsules with dual layers.

I was intrigued by the mic because I can clearly see the diaphragms and can see how they will line up. There is an indicator etched on the body that shows which was the face of the mic in X/Y mode, as well as another location for M/S.

The other neat thing is that the mic comes with a special cable that terminates in four XLR plugs. It is through the selection of these signals that you can create X/Y, M/S, and Blumlein stereo patterns with the bonus of also using the cardioid, figure-8 and omni characteristics.

This mic is amazing in its detail whether used in close proximity or at a distance. The stereo image created by this mic is mono compatible and very true.

I’m always searching for quality products that provide versatility, and the DS60 fits this bill very nicely. (MSRP $6,600)