Peavey Ships Tube-Powered VYPYR Modeling Amplifiers

Peavey is shipping the VYPYR Tube 120 and VYPYR Tube 60 combo.
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Peavey is shipping the VYPYR Tube 120 and VYPYR Tube 60 combo amplifiers.

The VYPYR Tube 120 2x12 and VYPYR Tube 60 1x12 combo amplifiers feature 24 amp channel models; 11 editable preamp stompbox effects; and 11 editable post-amp rack effects with dual-parameter control, global reverb, and global delay.

Amplifier models included in the VYPYR Tube models are the Peavey 6505, JSX, Triple XXX, and Classic Series models, as well as B-Kat, Brit, Plxi, Dlx, Twn, Dzl, K-Stein, and Rec models. Preamp stompbox models include TubeScrm, XR Wild, X Boost, Fuzz, BC Chorus, Analog Phase, Analog Phase, Auto Wah, Squeeze, MOG, and Ring Modulator. Furthermore, rack effect models include Tremolo, Chorus, Envelope Filter, Slap Back, Flanger, Octaver, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, Reverse, Pitch Shifter, and Looper.

An optional Peavey Sanpera foot controller may be added to activate the onboard looper and expand the amp's 12 built-in presets to up to 400 programmable presets, with five simultaneous effects. The VYPYR also serves as its own computer audio interface, with a USB 2.0 output.

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