Perfect 10: Behrouz


Photo: Courtesy Rephlektor Inkorporated

In his 20 years of DJing, San Francisco's Behrouz has built up quite a profile with tours and residencies around the world, (from 1015 in his hometown to Pacha Ibiza on the world's most dance-partying island). Along the way, he piqued the attention of Deep Dish (which signed Behrouz to its Yoshitoshi and Shinichi labels), Danny Tenaglia and Pete Tong. And while jet-setting to Paris, Dubai and Singapore for bookings, Behrouz picked up some Dancestar, Club World and DJ Awards nominations along the way. His Pure Behrouz club nights (where he spins vinyl from open to close) are reflected in his latest mix CDs, the 34-track two-disc set, Pure Behrouz NYC (Nervous, 2008). But always on the lookout for something new, here Behrouz discusses his most recent discoveries for the dancefloor. — Kylee Swenson

Brothers' Vibe, “La Timba” (Mixx)

This is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. It's got that great NYC vibe to it. It has a little bit of tribal house and a great groove. It's very sexy, and I love the whole percussion and how it goes in and out. When you play for one hour and want to take people in another direction, you play this. It's a crossover track, and I can play this one in any room, anywhere in the world.

David K, “Rue Montmartre” (Supplement Facts)

This one is coming out on Guy Gerber's Supplement Facts label. I love the groove and the way the synth goes in and out of the track. This is really an after-hours record or something you play early in the morning. The artist is from France, so imagine Jean Michel Jarre in today's dance-music style. It's romantic melodies on drugs.

Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann, “Dios” (Ideal)

This is coming out on Oliver's new label, Ideal Records, and it's a peak-time record with flavors of both Dubfire and Oliver. You have a breakdown in the middle of the record, and then it peaks up. The crowd response has been amazing, and it sets a tone for a room. It takes the crowd to the next level.

Emmanuel, “Lipflap” (Be as One)

This one comes out on Shlomi Aber's label, and it's all about the groove. I got this record through Hyper Exclusive promo, and Shlomi also turned me onto it. This is not a banger or full-on techno track, but it works on the dancefloor if you play it the right way. It's a techno groove with a fat bass line and tech-funk edge. It's simple yet intelligent.

Behrouz Feat. FPI Project, “Rich in Paradise (Behrouz Piano Paradise Mix)” (Nervous)

This used to be an old FPI Project hit record from about 19 years ago. The record originally came out on Pete Tong's FFRR label, and it was a summer smash back in the day. I felt it needed to be resurfaced, so I redid it and Pete Tong played it right away. I think they originally used the [Korg] M1 keyboard for the piano. I used the same original bass line but added a little more to it for it to make sense today. It also has a sample of Rob Base that sounds awesome. It's a party record, but it has today's sound, and when you drop this, all the girls start dancing!

Timo Maas, “Subtellite” (Cocoon)

At the moment there are not too many records that work great both for the dancefloor and for home listening. This track is 12 to 13 minutes long and keeps going and going. A loop comes in and goes out, and it's sexy and driving. This is solid techno, and it completes me on the dancefloor. I played it at Space in Ibiza, and it's just a floor filler. It's mind-blowing and hypnotizes you. It's one of my top records right now.

Mutant Clan, “Kenesai” (Connaisseur)

This is a record Timo Maas sent me, and it's his new project in collaboration with Santos. It's a really well made record and has this kinda sexy melodic groove going on. This is the kind of record I can play at both the underground club and the big rooms. I would play this before the middle of the night right before I peak or as an afterhours record.

Rodriguez Jr., “Soledad” (Leena)

This label puts out a lot of nice stuff. When I saw this label was attached to the record, I went over to Beatport and had to buy it. This is not a peak-time record, and it's very tech-house/minimal style. It's very atmospheric and beautiful. I would play this at the beginning of the night or afterhours.

Christian Smith & John Selway, “Push Factor” (Sci + Tec)

I've loved these guys for a long time. They make a funky style of techno — not hardcore German but really cool. This one is something I can use in a big room. It's got a little bit of funk and the best elements of techno. This package also comes with a dub version and a remix by Oxia. Oxia really stripped this one down and made it his own track.

Ben Watt, “Guinea Pig” (Buzzin' Fly)

I like what Ben is doing at the moment. It's a very sophisticated sound, and I call it intelligent house. The bass line here is really nice, and it's a beautiful track. I want to play this one early in the night to set the tone for an evening. In fact, this might be one of my first few records of the night, and I often use it as an intro.