Peterson Releases Strobosoft 1.22 Update

Peterson Tuners has released an update to their popular software tuner program, StroboSoft. This update addresses ASIO conflicts on the Windows platform with various sound cards that would cause the application to lock or immediately close after launching. The update also fixes minor GUI redraw issues on the Windows side and offers enhanced low note tracking in the Deluxe version''s "Instrument Mode" on both Windows and Mac platforms.

StroboSoft v1.22 for Windows, includes an enableASIO.reg or disableASIO.reg "switch" located in the program's folder that allows the user to toggle the ASIO support on or off in the event of a sound card driver incompatibility. This will not need to be set for every use but simply the first time it is installed. Current StroboSoft users will not need to modify these registry entries when installing the 1.22 update since it installs with ASIO enabled as a default.

Minor redraw issues with the interface have been resolved where the strobe display would not refresh in some cases until the user enabled a random function or re-triggered the audio input. The StroboSoft 1.22 Deluxe version improves on low bass note tracking when using 'Instrument Mode' to offer increased strobe display stability in the lower 20Hz range.

"By continuously improving on StroboSoft, our plan is to provide and maintain the best, professional-level software tuner on the market," states Marshall Johns, StroboSoft Product Manager. "We have frequent updates that include new tunings and presets that remain to make StroboSoft an invaluable tool for studio or live use."

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About Peterson:

Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. has been manufacturing strobe tuners since 1948. The Virtual Strobe™ series was introduced in 2003 followed by the first ever True Bypass tuner of any kind, the Peterson StroboStomp™ in 2004. StroboSoft was released in June, 2005.