Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX

The death of the laptop DJ?
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We’ve never seen a great DJ controller that worked independently of a laptop… until this one. The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX finally shows that the leader in professional club DJ gear may have known what it was doing all along, as it was at first slow to adapt to the DJ controller innovations of the 2000s.

Pioneer DJ’s much more expensive CDJ- 2000Nexus and XDJ-1000 music players and DJM series of mixers dominate the professional DJ booths in clubs and festivals worldwide. If you’re going to be a big DJ, you’re more than likely going to have to perform on them. So the XDJRX approximates those larger club systems in a bedroom-DJ controller with a single-color screen that builds in its own software based on Pioneer’s free Rekordbox software.

Now a DJ can learn and practice on a home system, so when he or she transitions to a club DJ booth, it will feel like home. The XDJ-RX uses the same Rekordbox file prep software that the pro Pioneer gear uses, so you prepare your music files on a computer, save them to USB thumb drives, plug those drives into the XDJ-RX, and prepare for stardom.