Pittsburgh Modular Logic Banks Now Available

Features Limited-Edition Fifth Module
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The exciting world of Boolean logic has arrived in Pittsburgh with the fifth module of our limited-edition line.

Logic Banks is a CMOS based logic calculator. A voltage controlled or manually switchable truth table. Two independent logic banks provide simultaneous access to six unique boolean logic operations. AND, NAND, OR, XOR, NOR, XNOR.

The Logic Banks module is split into two identical sections. Input values for each section can can be assigned manually using toggle switches or with the X IN and Y IN gate inputs. The gate output state of each logic operation is determined by the X and Y input values following the truth table below.

The Logic Banks is capable of single bit calculations and simple memory processes. For example, patching from the NOR output of each section into the Y Input of the opposite section creates a last used memory circuit. The OR outputs will remain lit in the section with the last high X input regardless of the current state of the X input. Similar setups provide other interesting results.

The module is available now exclusively on our website. Production of the Logic Banks was limited to 50 modules and once it is gone, it is gone.

More information is available at pittsburghmodular.com/logic-banks.