Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio Offer New Saturation Plug-in: Indent

Analog-style Filtering and State-of-the-Art Modulation System Power Four Musical Clippers
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Free through August 15, 2016

Analog-style filtering and state-of-the-art modulation system power four musical clippers

Fresh on the heels of Unfiltered Audio's wildly transformative Fault plugin, Plugin Alliance proudly announces the release and free license promotion of another innovative tool that defies convention: Indent. The forward-looking creation of the wizards at Unfiltered Audio, Indent adds a wide palette of musical saturation—from warm, round tones to crunchy grit to destructive overdrive—to electric guitar, bass, synth and drum tracks. But what sets Indent apart from other saturation plugins is its ability to filter and modulate its distortion output in exceptionally flexible and totally unexpected ways.

Four different clippers and an analog-style lowpass filter—with continuously adjustable cutoff frequency and wide-ranging resonance control—sculpt the fundamental tone of tracks from buttery-smooth to ripping with trashy distortion. Unfiltered Audio's flagship modulation system can then be used to apply a sine LFO, sawtooth/triangle LFO, square-wave LFO, input follower, sample-and-hold noise, and a macro controller to any and all of Indent's control knobs to modulate their parameter values. Routing modulators to knobs is quickly and easily accomplished by dragging virtual patch cables in the plugin's GUI. All modulators are fully automatable.

The results are both conventional and cutting-edge effects, ranging from classic tempo-synced tremolo and wah wah to exploding drums and saturated guitar vamps that pulse and resonate to a song's tempo. A convenient Mix control provides instant parallel processing, blending the distorted and modulated signal with the original sound at Indent's output. A real-time display shows how the original signal's waveform changes shape with processing, informing the user's control adjustments.

All this power comes at the remarkably low price of $49. But in a stunning special offer, Plugin Alliance members can get a full license for Indent for free in the first 14 days following its launch.

“We're really happy to partner with Unfiltered Audio and offer this cool new plugin for free to Plugin Alliance members,” said Plugin Alliance CEO Matt Ward. “This is such a great way to introduce Alliance members to Unfiltered's innovative and extremely useful product line.”

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