Plugin Alliance Announces Accusonus ERA-D

Patented Single or Multi-Channel Joint de-Noise and De-Reverberation Plugin
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The First Restoration Plugin that Simultaneously Removes Noise and Reverberation


Patented single or multi-channel joint de-noise and de-reverberation plugin

Plugin Alliance and accusonus proudly announce ERA-D, a revolutionary step forward in audio restoration. ERA-D's recently patented technology delivers two astounding firsts to audio professionals:

  1. ERA-D is the only plugin that can analyze and remove both noise and reverberation at the same time, exploring also their interdependency. Noise and reverb are simultaneously present in nature, and ERA-D takes that into account!
  2. ERA-D is the only restoration software that explores the multichannel information to better suppress reverb and/or noise. To put it simply, your secondary mic might have captured reverb and/or noise more accurately than your primary mic. ERA-D uses that information to increase the processing quality in your main mic.

Not only does ERA-D's breakthrough technology shine, but it also does so through a slick, straightforward interface that lets the user achieve unheard of results in a quick and simple workflow.

ERA-D is the product of 10 person-years of R&D and comes after more than 30 scientific papers and technology book chapters. ERA-D solves previously unsolvable problems to salvage previously unsalvageable audio. And it does so with an intuitive interface that controls a flexible signal-processing engine for dramatically improving sound quality.

While noise and reverberation surround us in everyday life, traditional audio tools fail to parse out their complexity and interdependency, instead attempting to deal with them separately. The accusonus difference comes from its staff, recognized in the industry and academia as audio analysis experts. They exhaustively researched the common and distinct elements of noise and reverberation in order to develop ERA-D's technology for analyzing and managing noise and reverb either together or separately.

"An actor’s great performance, a musician’s moment of magic or simply your kid’s first ever piano concerto: these are all recordings that you simply can’t repeat. But what happens when these recordings are practically ruined by noise and/or reverberation?” asked Alex Tsilfidis (CEO, accusonus). “ERA-D makes the impossible possible and saves these recordings that you would until now throw away. The accusonus research team spent countless hours in the lab and has invented a break-through restoration technology that we integrated together with an intuitive interface. We’re proud of the ERA-D plugin and its patented technology, and we are keen to put it in the hands of seasoned professionals.”

Available now in AAX native, VST2, VST3 and AU formats for Mac OS 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or 8, ERA-D will change your view of audio restoration for $299 MSRP, distributed through Plugin Alliance. All Plugin Alliance products are available for fully-functional 14-day demos from a single downloadable installer.