Plugin Alliance Announces Brainworks ENGL Amp Bundle

DSP-Quality Guitar Amp Emulations for Native Plugin Formats
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DSP-Quality Guitar Amp Emulations for Native Plugin Formats


Two legendary German amps each come with 64 high-end

Recording Chains for any rock guitar sound.

Plugin Alliance is proud to announce the release of the Brainworx ENGL guitar amp plugin emulations. Combining superior amp emulation with classic German amplifier engineering, the new Brainworx ENGL Amp Bundle gives native AAX/AU/VST2/VST3 plugin users a guitar tone studio on a level previously only available with DSP-based hardware. ENGL's renowned E765 and E646 Victor Smolski amps are now available in native formats for the first time, and the bundle also includes the precision Brainworx bx_tuner plugin.

ENGL's high-gain tube amps have shaped the tone of a who's who in metal and hard rock guitar for the last decade, and that's showcased brilliantly with legendary shredder Victor Smolski's signature E646 VS plugin. By contrast, the vintage-minded E765 plugin runs the gamut from warm cleans to classic rock crunch. Both plugins are available separately for $149 MSRP each. However, combined with the bx_tuner, the ENGL Amp Bundle can dial in any guitar color on the rock and roll palette for $229 MSRP, a total discount of 28%.

Even better, ENGL Amp Bundle puts priceless signal paths and years of recording experience a mouse click away with an Auto mode that can step through each amp's 64 expert Recording Chains while you play. Brainworx founder and CEO Dirk Ulrich, a rock producer for 15 years for the likes of Dream Theater, Toto and Roadrunner Records, crafted the Recording Chains at the lavish Brainworx Studio, capturing three ENGL cabinets with up to nine high-end vintage and modern microphones through a rare Neve VXS72 console and high-end outboard EQs from Millennia, SPL and elysia.

“ENGL amps have long been a favorite of mine for both stage and studio,” Ulrich said. “I really dug deep to capture the tones used on so many of the recordings I love.”

Using the Brainworx ENGL amp plugins both sounds and feels like playing through a real amp. Yet they both include additional perks on top of that:

  • Recording-specific features such as highpass/lowpass filters and a noise gate.
  • Onboard Power Soak and vintage delay functions not on the original hardware.
  • Like all Plugin Alliance products, the ENGL Amp Bundle is available as a fully-functional, 14-day demo on Mac OS 10.6 or higher and Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8 in 32 or 64 bit. 

“We couldn’t be happier with the job Brainworx has done emulating our amps,” said Martin Kleine, ENGL’s Assistant Managing Director. “Our sound is our livelihood, so we were very particular that these plugins captured it—and they do!”