Plugin Alliance Announces State-of-the-Art Plug-in Bundle and Free Plug-ins

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All-new American pro audio plug-in company Plugin Alliance LLC is proud to announce availability of its latest cost-effective plug-in bundle ) — featuring four pivotal plug-ins from Alliance members Brainworx (; elysia (; SPL (; and Vertigo Sound ( — plus four free plug-ins from fellow Alliance members for anyone opening a (free) Plugin Alliance account as of January 13, 2012...

The BIG 4 Bundle comprises Plugin Alliance founding member — and renowned German M/S mastering tools and audio plug-ins company — Brainworx’s bx_XL M/S Mastering Limiter, a low-latency mastering plug-in designed to keep mixes loud and clear (undistorted) by internally converting stereo signals into M (mid/sum) and S (side/difference) signals and splitting the M channel into high- and low-frequency bands, allowing users to limit and level three individual channels to increase loudness and drastically improve stereo mix clarity (with much less distortion artifacts and maintaining much more ‘punch’ to boot) — combining with other features to create a sophisticated dynamics and control system second to none, perfect for use as the final plug-in on the stereo master buss for mixing and mastering purposes (or any stereo buss/stereo sub group); elysia’s alpha compressor, a software recreation of the German pro audio hardware specialist’s acclaimed mastering compressor, painstakingly emulating its sound and features (integrated M/S matrix, sidechain filter, parallel compression, signal matrix, soft clip limiter, et al) to match the analogue hardware as closely as possible — programmed by the coding experts from Brainworx; SPL���s Passeq, arguably the most powerful passive EQ ever (with 12 switchable frequencies per band, totalling 36 boost and 36 cut frequencies, to offer a far-reaching choice for creating elaborate EQ curves), now captured as an Analog Code® plug-in; and last, but not least, the VSC-2, Vertigo’s first plug-in release (made in close collaboration with Brainworx), capturing all the nuances of the German pro audio manufacturing venture’s $6,000 USD flagship Quad Discrete VCA Compressor — so named on account of its four VCAs being hand built using only discrete components — at a fraction of the price!

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Moreover, anyone registering for a free Plugin Alliance account can immediately download four plug-ins for free — namely, Brainworx’s bx_cleansweep, a high- and low-pass filter plug-in (introducing new ‘Anti Crush Technology’ originally developed by Brainworx) with first-order (6dB/Oct) filters to create analogue-style filter curves without typical Nyquist problems; Brainworx’s bx_solo, designed to get users started with, and used to, the way the renowned German M/S mastering tools and audio plug-ins company approaches the M/S technique; elysia’s niveau filter, German pro audio hardware specialist’s mpressor creative compressor plug-in; plus SPL’s Free Ranger, based upon the Full Ranger EQ from the German analogue and digital audio processor designer/manufacturer’s EQ Rangers series, limited to four very useful bands (16kHz, 1.8kHz, 150Hz, and 40Hz centre frequency).

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, The BIG 4 Bundle can be purchased and downloaded (in all Mac OS X, Windows, and VENUE formats — VST 2.4, VST 2.3, RTAS, AU, AAX) for $777 USD (representing a substantial saving over the total price of $1,176 USD when buying all four plug-ins individually) from here: