Plugin Alliance Announces the Lindell TE-100

The Lindell TE-100, an Exacting Emulation of the Classic all-tube Klein & Hummel Universal Equalizer
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The Lindell TE-100, an Exacting Emulation 

of the Classic all-tube Klein & Hummel Universal Equalizer


A unique design and versatile frequency response allow quick 

and accurate settings to any audio source

Plugin Alliance presents a uniquely rare hardware emulation of one of the most sought-after tube equalizers in the history of recording. In 1961, Klein & Hummel's UE-100 Universal Equalizer® all-tube minimum phase EQ used six discrete filter modules that could create dynamic band-pass curves for a smooth and warm response on any audio source by boosting and/or cutting frequencies across the spectrum. Now, instead of paying up to $20,000 for a stereo pair of vintage UE-100 rack units, Lindell Audio's TE-100 plugin re-creates this piece of German audio history with immaculate realism for a price of only $149.

The original UE-100 hardware delivered warm saturation from 14 vacuum tubes, as well as eight musical bands of equalization from the classic Rundfunk broadcasting EQ. Lindell's TE-100 accurately simulates the behavior, sound and strangely intuitive interface of the original, including the brawny, dynamic, Pultec-style band-pass curves that let you both cut and boost at coincident frequencies. Low-pass and high-pass filters sit at each end of the TE-100, and dual parametric band-pass filters in the mid section can highlight the sweet spot of any sound source with warm lows, crisp highs and a tight response. Unique pushbutton frequency selectors allow quick and accurate settings.

New TE-100 features for the digital domain include level calibration, adjustable oversampling rate, and a resizable GUI. An Analog Mode simulates the output transformer overdrive of the hardware along with the noise floor, and filters can be globally disabled while preserving the effect of the emulated vacuum tubes.

"Without a doubt, the Klein & Hummel UE-100 is the best-sounding EQ ever made in Germany; it is unrivalled in punch and sweet-sounding high frequencies," said producer/engineer Michael Zimmerling, who has worked with hundreds of artists, including luminaries such as David Bowie, George Clinton, Depeche Mode and Maceo Parker. "I never thought it would be possible to model this iconic EQ, with its 14 tubes and 25kg of weight, but Lindell cracked Pandora's Box. If you’re after that vintage sound like me, then this is it!”

The Lindell TE-100 equalizer plugin is now available through Plugin Alliance in AAX Native, AU, VST2, and VST3 formats for Mac OS 10.6 through 10.11 and Windows 7 through 10. The TE-100 also joins Lindell Audio's five other vintage-emulated dynamics plugins in the 100% Lindell Bundle V1.1 at a discounted bundle price. All Plugin Alliance products are available as fully-functional 14-day demos with a registered account.

Legal Disclaimer:Klein & Hummel and UE-100 are registered trademarks of Sennheiser, GMBH. The TE-100 was developed by Lindell Audio and LSR Audio based on their own modeling techniques. Sennheiser has neither endorsed nor sponsored the TE-100 in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.