Plugin Alliance Releases Brainworx M/S Multi-band Saturator Plug-in

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All-new American pro audio plug-in company Plugin Alliance LLC is proud to announce availability of bx_saturator, Plugin Alliance founder member Dirk Ulrich’s renowned German M/S mastering tools and audio plug-ins company Brainworx’s latest addition to its so-called ‘Rock ’n’ Roll line’ of creative plug-ins as of April 24, 2012...

Specifically designed to bring technical excellence to creative musicians and engineers alike, bx_saturator is an M/S and multi-band saturation tool that can be used for mastering, mixing, and sound design applications. According to Ulrich, “Recording and mixing instruments and vocals using the Mid-Side (M/S) technique is one of the secret weapons that professional audio engineers and producers use when they want to capture a performance in a way described by most listeners as, ‘Natural-sounding,’ ‘Wide,’ and ‘Big.’” Moreover, M/S recordings produce a very mono-compatible sound, and, although bx_saturator brings a mono/multi-mono version of the plug-in to the musical mix, the stereo M/S version of bx_saturator is considered by Brainworx to be the definitive plug-in for thickening or boosting any stereo signal or mix in a more discrete way than ever before.

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As with all other Brainworx bx_ prefixed plug-ins, bx_saturator users can record Mid and Side tracks individually to retain total control over the stereo information until the final stage of production; as implied by name, it offers a subtle, warm distortion — or saturation — that works wonders on individual audio signals, yet can also be applied to the stereo master channel in the M/S stereo model, while Brainworx’s new ‘True-Split’ crossover technology ensures that Mid and Side channels are always perfectly in phase.

Its creative use knows no bounds: increasing the perceived volume of mixes without them clipping, or bringing delicate signals like acoustic guitars and percussion to the fore in full mixes without increasing their actual level or EQ’ing them in harsh, offensive ways; distorting vocals in full mixes without sacrificing drum-track punchiness or stereo guitar and keyboard clarity, for instance. Independently fattening — or even slightly distorting — Mid and Side signals separately for high and low f

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requencies should serve up a tasty selection of imaginative and inspirational sounds in next to no time... technical excellence for the cr

eative musician and engineer, indeed! (And for those needing a helping hand to get them started straight away, bx_saturator handily comes complete with 30 cool presets.)

Natural sound. In your face.

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, Brainworx’s bx_ saturator plug-in can be purchased and downloaded (in all Mac OS X and Windows formats — VST 2.4, VST 2.3, RTAS, AU, AAX) for an introductory price of $179.00 USD (rising to $229.00 USD) from here:

(Note: Plugin Alliance is offering a 30% off list price deal for all bx_ALL 2012 Bundle owners, saving them $69.00 USD — equalling an additional $19.00 USD savingover and above the introductory offer!)