Plugin Alliance Releases the 100% AAX DSP Bundle v1.0 at a Discount

New Bundle will Flex its Muscles in the Avid Booth at the 2015 AES Convention
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New bundle will flex its muscles in the Avid Booth at the 2015 AES Convention.

Plugin Alliance announced the most complete—and completely awesome—collection of AAX DSP plugins ever compiled. The Plugin Alliance 100% AAX DSP Bundle V1.0 gathers 41 of the most sought-after plugins from world-class developers like Brainworx, elysia, Mäag Audio, SPL, Millennia, Vertigo and more. In addition to supporting the AAX DSP format, each product also supports AAX native, VST and AU formats at no additional charge. The 100% AAX DSP Bundle will be available in mid-November.

You won't hear a higher-quality collection of AAX DSP audio products, and you can easily verify that for yourself by downloading all 41 plugins in a single installer and running them free of charge as fully-functional, 14-day demos. No dongle is required for these demos. Just perform one installation and try these great plugins on your Pro Tools | HDX system.

Second only to the sound of this bundle is its price. The 41 plugins add up to $6,792 in combined MSRPs. However, the 100% AAX DSP slashes that total by more than 57% to just $2,895. Customers also have the option to pay off that discounted sum in 12 easy installments… with no interest added!

Current owners of the any of the 41 bundle plugins will receive an appropriately prorated discount off the $2,895 price. So the MSRP for each plugin that users already own will be discounted by the same rate as the overall bundle, with the resulting price subtracted from the bundle price. It's fair and easy; the price reduction will be automatically displayed online when users are signed into their Plugin Alliance accounts. See our financing FAQ to learn more about how personal pricing and financing work together.

"Pro Tools | HDX is the premier platform for audio production,” said Matt Ward, CEO of Plugin Alliance. "Our commitment to the AAX DSP platform reflects the demand from high-end professional users for our plugins."

“Plugin Alliance, along with its incredible range of affiliates, continues to add unique variety and color to the audio production experience for Avid users at all levels. These invaluable new contributions to the AAX DSP platform mark the continued rise of Plugin Alliance alongside the very best solutions providers for users of Pro Tools|HDX and Avid|S6,” remarks Ed Gray, Director, Partnering Programs for Avid.

Plugin Alliance and will demonstrate every product in the 100% AAX DSP Bundle at the 139th AES Convention in New York City's Javits Center Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2015 in the Avid booth (#718). The plugins will be running on various systems and controllers, such as Avid's top-end Pro Tools | S6 and Pro Tools | S6L console controllers.