Plushgun, Pins & Panzers (Tommy Boy)

The only thing this album is missing is a plethora of purple-pantsed people playing piccolos on a prairie in Pittsburgh.
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As sinister and as soft as a plush toy
Plushgun''s debut full-length, Pins & Panzers, features all four tracks from its 2008 self-titled EP. If those four gave you a hunger for more, Pins delivers. The project of one Daniel Ingala, the lighthearted, plinking electro tones and robotic vocoded lyrics that have become the signature sounds for Plushgun are given full rein on Pins. While these sounds are strictly electronically generated, there is an emotional pull to them. This comes from Ingala''s gentle manner and is experienced best on the rollercoaster-like ups and down of “Without a Light” and the comedown conducive closer, “An Aria.” [3 out of 5 stars]