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Sure, EM may be your fave source for the latest info on gear, insider tips and techniques and in-depth reliable equipment reviews. But what do you REALLY know about EM? Test your knowledge here.…

Who was the founding editor of Polyphony, which evolved into EM?Bob MoogCraig AndertonMarvin JonesJohn SimontonWho was the founding editor of Electronic Musician?Steve OppenheimerMichael MolendaCraig AndertonJim AikinWhat image was on the cover of the first issue of Electronic Musician?Don Buchla and the Marimba LuminaWendy Carlos and her Moog modular synthA robot playing a keyboardThomas Dolby with an Atari STWhat year was the first issue of Electronic Musician published?1985198619841972Who has NOT been the editor of EM?Bob O'DonnellCraig AndertonSteve OppenheimerScott WilkinsonIn which issue did Associate Editor Geary Yelton write his first article for Electronic MusicianNov-08Jun-85Sep-87Feb-08What was the first product reviewed in Electronic Musician by Geary Yelton?Ensoniq MirageRoland TR-707Yamaha CX5MChroma PolarisWhich personality has not appeared on the cover of Electronic Musician?Frank ZappaCarlos SantanaBob MoogHoward Jones* denotes a required field First Name * Last Name * Email * Company Title