Portable Audio Workstation KDJ-ONE Ready For Release

Kickstarter Funding Complete; Shipping Next Summer
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CyberStep, Inc. (based in Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce that its portable music creation & live performance device, the KDJ-ONE, was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The KDJ-ONE will go into production and ship to backers in 2015.

KDJ-ONE on Kickstarter:


From Production to Performance, the KDJ-ONE has it covered
The KDJ-ONE comes loaded with all of the basic tools you need to get started making music. To start, the Synthesizer allows you to create virtually any sound you can think of. Plotting these sounds on the Sequencer’s intuitive piano roll interface will let you start putting your song together, note by note. External audio interfaces can be linked to the device via USB connection and the Line IN port can be hooked up to a microphone or an iPhone’s mic app. Trimming and balancing is easily done once recording has been completed. Finished tracks may be put together for a live set using the KDJ-ONE’s Song mode, in which a number of effects can be applied.

It comes loaded with various patterns by top artists such as Sid Wilson from the world acclaimed metal band Slipknot, as well as leading composers from the game industry such as Yasunori Mitsuda, Hiroki Kikuta, and also Takeshi Yokemura from the chip-tune band YMCK. The KDJ-ONE will also feature not only patterns but preset sounds created by leading sound designers such as Davide Carbone and Josh Abrahams, both who were involved in projects with Carl Cox and Kylie Minogue, and Katsunori Ujiie who worked on sound design for many of the Yamaha synthesizers.

XY Pad added as $150,000 stretch goal!

With the Kickstarter campaign still going strong, CyberStep has added a $150,000 stretch goal to secure additional funding. If reached, the KDJ-ONE will be released with XY Pad functionality, enabling yet another level of control over the sound produced with the device. While the XY Pad is primarily oriented towards live performances, it also presents an intuitive control method for beginners to easily visualize how to use the functions such as the modulator or synthesizer.