Post Musical Instruments Introduces PMI iPIANOS ’05

Post Musical Instruments, a leading provider of sample libraries solutions for a comprehensive range of musical instruments, introduces the PMI iPIANOS ’05 sample pack for Apple’s GarageBand 2. This sample pack adds five stunning reproductions of concert grand pianos for GarageBand 2.

Included are the 5 best PMI grand pianos: PMI Bosendorfer 290, Yamaha C7, Steinway D and the Emperor (Bos290 SE) and the Old Lady (model 1923 Steinway D). These pianos received raving reviews in Sound On Sound and other leading music magazines and are now available for the popular GarageBand 2 software platform for a very low price.

The Emperor is reproduction of a unique Bösendorfer 290 SE Imperial Grand Piano, The Old Lady is reproduction of a Model 1923 Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. Both recorded pianos were equipped with an advanced computer operated playback mechanism that was designed by mathematician, scientist and inventor Wayne Stahnke. The mechanism actually operates the piano keys and pedals with over 1,000 steps accuracy for inverse hammer velocity. The Stahnke computer system enabled Amsterdam based sample library producer Michiel Post to capture each velocity layer for these libraries with absolute velocity levels. These levels guarantee a totally even response across the whole keyboard for all velocities. The Imperial Concert Grand Bösendorfer 290 is arguably the finest piano available anywhere today. Acclaimed by the World’s top artists, it is a joy to hear and play. The Imperial has one of the largest sound boards of any concert instrument, being some 30% larger than most typical recital pianos. This helps to produce the immense dynamic range for which the piano is famous. No matter how loudly it is played, it responds without loss of sound quality, and there are always great reserves and a vast range of tonal colors and expression. The Steinway D is THE grand piano for most concert pianists. This particular instrument that was recorded for the Grandioso Steinway D was in premium condition, a Steinway model D3 with serial number 393210 which was built in 1965. It was fully refurbished by Steinway Hamburg in 1999. This piano served the Rotterdam 'DOELEN' concert hall for several decades, where hundreds of famous musicians, from Claudio Arrau to the Rolling Stones, performed for live audiences and broadcast concerts. The YAMAHA C7 is appearing on famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the concert world. The Yamaha C Series grand piano is by far the most popular piano that is versatile enough for pop, jazz and rock recording, yet is arguably expressive enough for successful traditional and classical recordings. The 7-foot, 4-inch model is the favorite pop piano, with a bright tone, strong overtones and a moderately strong bass.

The programming of the sampled pianos in PMI iPIANOS ’05 is designed to take full advantage of the possibilities of software instruments in GarageBand 2 software. The pianos use the sophisticated EXS24 sampler engine that is found in Logic Pro 7. This results in a very smooth response and an authentic grand piano sound. Each piano is approx. 500 MB of sample data. The installation process gives the user the option to choose which pianos to install; in case disk space is limited a limited number of pianos can be installed.

The iPIANOS ’05 are fully compatible with Apple GarageBand 2, Logic Express and Logic 7. Realistic audio demos in high MP3-quality and a playable demo file can be found on the PMI website. PMI iPIANOS ‘05 is available directly from PMI a single DVD with a full- colour comprehensive manual. For more information, point your Web browser to