Post Musical Instruments Starts Direct Download System

Post Musical Instruments started a new Direct On-Line Delivery system for customers, allowing downloading its complete multi-gigabyte sample libraries.

Direct Delivery Download
PMI has made its complete collection of sample libraries available through a secure download server. The software allows unlimited data sizes, making instant on-line delivery possible of full mutli-gigabyte pianos. Previously these libraries were delivered on DVDs only.

With this new service PMI hopes to reach more customers who need speedy delivery of samples. After payment through PayPal a personalized download link for a purchase is immediately sent through email. The download remains available for 72 hours.

The new Direct Delivery Download system uses PayPal for payment processing. Users without an account can sign up with a few simple steps to start downloading. Orders can still be delivered on CD's and DVD in PMI's regular on-line store that accepts credit cards.

The on-line PMI catalogue counts 64 libraries upon launch and will continue to grow over time.

For more information, visit their web site at