Power App: Apple Logic Pro X

Construct and Customize Drum Tracks
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Create a realistic-sounding, song-length drum track using Logic Pro X’s Drummer feature.

Apple Logic Pro X’s Drummer feature is powerful and surprisingly easy to use. It automatically creates drum parts based on your choices of genre, groove, and drummer (you can pick from several different drummers, each with differing styles), and it gives you an array of tools for tweaking the parts. Here, I’ll guide you through the basics of creating such a track, and offer a couple of power tips, as well.

For more mixing control, click on the Library Tab at the top left of Logic’s Main Window, open Drum Kit/Producer Kit in the menu, and select the kit you were using in its Producer Kit form. Clicking on the disclosure triangle in the track header opens up individual tracks for each drum in the Main and Mixer windows.

If you’d prefer to use a different drum instrument from the kits provided in Logic, you can convert the Drummer Track to MIDI. Select all regions, control-click and choose “Convert to MIDI Region.”

The Follow feature in Drummer lets you lock your kick and snare to the rhythm of another track in your sequence.

Step 1 Go to Track/New Drummer Track to add a Drummer Track to your sequence. Two 8-bar regions will appear in the track. If the Drummer editor window doesn’t appear at the bottom of the screen, double-click on a Drummer region to call it up.Step 2 Choose the genre, kit, drummer, and groove. (The Drummer data in the regions will change accordingly.) Select both regions and choose a music style, a drummer (you can always change these later), a groove preset, and a kit.Step 3 Refine the groove. Loop it and hit play, and use the “Puck” in the XY pad of the Drummer Editor to adjust complexity and loudness to taste. Click on hi-hat or cymbals in the graphic on the right to make the groove hat- or ride-centered, or choose toms to make it a tom-based beat. Select an eighth-note or sixteenthnote feel for the groove. Adjust the Fills control to add more fills (higher settings) or less (lower settings). Add Swing if you want. Click on the Details for additional parameters.Step 4 Once your basic groove is set, copy and paste the 8-bar segments to create a full song. Select the Drummer regions for song sections where you want variations, and adjust the parameters accordingly.

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