PreSonus Ships Studio Channel

PreSonus is now shipping the Studio Channel.
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PreSonus is now shipping the Studio Channel vacuum tube channel strip ($359 MSRP, $299 Street), which combines a tube-based, Class A mic/instrument preamplifier with a VCA-based compressor and a 3-band parametric equalizer.

The Studio Channel''s preamp stage uses discrete circuitry and features a high-output 12AX7 vacuum tube that operates at 30V, resulting in plenty of headroom, low noise, transparency, and a big tone. The unit also features switchable preamp gain and tube drive, an 80 Hz highpass filter, a 20 dB pad, and phase invert.

According to the manufacturer, its parametric EQ provides smooth highs, deep lows, and a clear midrange. The midrange band has variable Q, and the high- and low-frequency bands can be set for peak/dip or shelving. The EQ is switchable pre/post-compressor.

The compressor has a fully variable, smooth, VCA-based circuit with a selection of controls (ratio, threshold, attack, release, and make-up gain). 

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