PreSonus Studio One Pro 3

As user-friendly as it gets
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From the start, Studio One promised streamlined passage from song creation to mixdown to mastering. And what could be more time-saving than the ability to drop in instruments, plug-ins, loops, and audio tracks right from the browser?

Version 3 enhances the creative process with new features such as the Scratch Pad, which takes drag and drop to the limit: Opening a Scratch Pad divides the arrangement window in two. Do you want to try out that groove 36 bars in, but with just the drum and bass track? Draw a marquee around the drums and bass you want, and drag it to the beginning of the Scratch Pad: Plug-ins, patch assignments, buses and all are retained—it’s that simple. Moreover, you can build as many Scratch Pads as you’d like. Having this kind of flexibility without resorting to multiple undos and redos is remarkably liberating.

Version 3.0.1 took things to the next level by adding support for Studio One Remote, an iPad app that brings beautiful graphics and comprehensive control to your fingertips. Top it all off with two new instruments—Presence XT and Mai Tai—and an easy-access Arranger window and you can see why we think Studio One Pro 3 is award worthy.