PreSonus VSL with Smaart Provides Contractors with Free Analysis Tools

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PreSonus has begun incorporating Rational Acoustics' highly regarded Smaart Measurement Technology™ for sound-system analysis and optimization directly into Virtual StudioLive™ (VSL) remote-control/editor/librarian software. The first module from Smaart Measurement Technology to be implemented will be Smaart Spectra™, which is part of PreSonus Universal Control 1.6. Universal Control 1.6 is a free update and can be downloaded from the Technical Support section of the PreSonus Web site.

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Smaart is not a single technology but an evolved collection of audio measurement tools and techniques. If you're a live-sound engineer or sound contractor, you're already properly awed by Smaart's reputation as the gold standard of room/sound-system analysis.

VSL's Smaart implementation is accessible and intuitive, so that inexperienced users such as church volunteers and untrained corporate employees can make basic adjustments to the system. More experienced users can adjust the system quickly and precisely.

With Smaart-enhanced VSL, you can see the spectral content of a mix in real time-then do something about it. When you click on the Graphic Equalizer button in Universal Control 1.6, Smaart Spectra's Spectrograph and Smaart Locator's real-time analyzer algorithms go to work, showing you the spectral content of whatever is routed though a particular graphic EQ.

The Smaart Spectra Spectrograph display graphs a continuous series of spectrum measurements with frequency on one axis, time on another, and level indicated by colors. When a frequency band in the spectrum is above the lower threshold, it shows up on the plot, starting with a dark blue color at lower levels, and transitioning through green, yellow, orange, and red with higher levels - eventually showing up as white if the level reaches or exceeds the upper threshold. This is particularly useful for quickly identifying feedback frequencies-a constant feedback tone stands out vividly as a vertical line-so that you can quash them with StudioLive GEQs.

Because Smaart is integrated into VSL, its features can be wirelessly remote-controlled using newly updated SL Remote 1.3 for iPad - a free download from the Apple App Store. And since you can use third-party VPN software to remote-control VSL on the host Mac or PC via the Internet, you can work in a remote location, observe the spectral content of the client's mix in real time, and adjust the graphic EQ on the client's StudioLive mixer without ever actually hearing the system! Sure, you'd rather hear the system, but now you have a powerful tool that can save the day for your client whether you can be physically present or not.

This is just the start of a beautiful relationship - PreSonus products are about to get a lot Smaarter! "This is a powerful tool for contractors," says PreSonus CEO Jim Mack. "Now they can fine-tune a client's system with tools that are supplied free with the StudioLive mixer, and in many cases clients can adjust the system themselves. With Smaart-enhanced VSL and StudioLive mixers, contractors can provide better service, even from off-site, with no additional investment."

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