Primacoustic Announces a New Collection of Hanging Hardware

Announcing the Corkscrew, the SlipNot, and the Helix
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Primacoustic's new hanging hardware includes (l-r): Corkscrew™, SlipNot™ and Helix™ 

Vancouver, BC - Primacoustic is pleased to announce a new collection of hardware that will make hanging acoustic baffles and clouds a breeze! Announcing the Corkscrew™, the SlipNot™, and the Helix™.

Primacoustic's Jay Porter had this to say: "The new hanging systems multiply the uses and functionality of several of the Paintables™ and Broadway™ panels. Our installation hardware has always been well recognized for its ease of application and these new systems are certain to please integrators looking for tried and tested options."

The Corkscrew™:
Designed to create a vertical baffle using any type of Broadway or Paintable panel, the Corkscrew is a 'spring shaped' tensioned steel eye-screw that twists into the edge of the panel for placement overhead. Combining the Corkscrew with the SlipNot enables the panel to be quickly adjusted to achieve a uniform height. The Corkscrew is the ideal attachment for hanging Primacoustic's new collection of Paintables or Broadway panels in a vertical 'baffle' arrangement.

The SlipNot™:
Designed to suspend Primacoustic clouds and baffles, the SlipNot is a unique suspension cable system that combines aircraft steel rope with a cam-style releasable hook for easy height adjustment at one end and a simple eye-sling at the other. One merely attaches the sling to a suspension point and clips the hook onto the Primacoustic cloud or baffle using either the Corkscrew or Helix panel mounting screws.

The Helix™:
The Helix is a solid zinc die-cast device that integrates an eye hole and a screw that, when twisted into the panel, becomes a reliable and sturdy installation that transforms any Primacoustic panel into an acoustic cloud. The Cloud is then hung overhead using the adjustable Primacoustic SlipNot™ suspension system. This makes the Helix an excellent choice for hanging Primacoustic's new collection of cloud Paintables™ including the Hexus (hexagonal), the Cirrus (circular) and the Altos (square). It also works great with any Broadway panel to create a horizontal acoustic cloud.

The Helix, Corkscrew and SlipNot are now shipping.