Pro Tools 7 |HD, LE, or M-Powered

Objective: Improve workflow when tracking by using a general-purpose “workstation” plug-in with Pro Tools. Parts can be replaced later if needed.Background: Digidesign kicked off their Advanced Instruments Group by offering a free RTAS workstation plug-in. While it’s said “there’s no free lunch,” this one is actually very tasty — it’s well worth obtaining and installing.
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1. Go to the DigiStore and order the Xpand! CD. There’s a small handling charge. If you already have the Xpand! CD, download the latest update.

2. Insert the CD, double-click on “Xpand! Setup.exe,” and follow the instructions.

3. Create a new Track by going Track > New. In the New Tracks dialog fields, enter 1, Stereo, Instrument Track, and Ticks, then click on “Create.”

4. In the Mix window Inserts section, click on an insert and go Multi-channel plug-in > Instrument > Xpand! (stereo).

5. Turn up the mixer fader for the Instrument track, play some notes, and assuming your MIDI setup assignments are correct, you should hear the default patch.

6. Xpand! is not multi-timbral, but you can layer multiple parts (instrument sounds) on one channel. Click on the part field’s downward-pointing arrow, and choose the desired sound. Turn parts on and off by toggling the button to the right of the part letter (A, B, C, D).


--The six Xpand “smart knobs” edit useful parameters in each part. Experiment!

--To assign a knob to a MIDI controlller, right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the knob. Choose “Assign” then assign a controller. Or, click on “Learn” and move the controller you want to assign to the knob.

--Note that the same controller cannot be assigned to the same knob in multiple parts.