Process Your Audio Files through Vintage Gear for Free

Throughout February Partners with Legacy Studios
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Throughout February is partnering with Legacy Studios (Netherlands) and offering their Audio Signal Processing (ASP) service to all users, completely free.

Starting today, members of’s community who successfully refer friends to the website will gain credits that are redeemable for having audio files processed free through genuine vintage equipment like Neve 1073s, 2254s, Pultecs, 1176s, and much more. Members who sign up via referral will receive a free credit, too.

The ASP service on is an innovative way of monetizing audio equipment to a global music community. It enables community members to send audio files to others for remote processing through real, authentic gear which may otherwise be difficult get their hands on.

The service is part of’s vision to increase the profitability of creating great sounding music for audio professionals. Stephen Bartlett, producer, recording engineer and CEO of the website, says that connecting people and creating a global community of sharing is crucial to this goal.

“The website benefits both gear owners and renters by creating new revenue streams and providing access to amazing gear respectively,” says Bartlett. “We’re mobilizing a lot of the dead capital in the industry through a simple service that connects music makers. We believe the results will be heard instantly in creativity and fidelity. Through anyone can create an account and list their gear easily. Music producers, engineers, DJs, bands or anyone else involved in creating music can then utilize the gear’s authentic sound for a fee set by the owner.”

Safe, inbuilt payments direct from Renters to Owners, Dropbox integration to send files and screenshots of desired settings makes completing transactions fast and simple.

The website, which has been in beta since late last year, also offers a range of other sharing-based services for those involved in creating music, including peer-to-peer gear rentals advertising audio services such as mixing, mastering, engineering or producing and hiring music spaces like recording studios and rehearsal rooms. boasts some rare and unique listings that would impress even the most avid of gear heads. It has received huge support and encouragement by audio industry heavyweights, such as Cenzo Townshend and Ronald Prent, as well as boasting feature interviews with Ryan West, John Alagia and Chris Keup.

You can join for free today to take advantage of free ASP services offered by the professionals in Hollands Legacy Studio. Simply visit and register your details at