Producertech Announces New Course on Reason 7

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Producertech are happy to announce a brand new course on Reason 7, to add to their growing library of online tutorials. The course is the first one on Reason since the release of their main online schools at and is taught by Jared Meeker, an accomplished composer and performer from LA. The series of tutorials provides a guide to Jared’s compositional process, from the initial song conception right through to the final mixdown, including many aspects of music theory and production along the way.

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Having been in the studio with LA hiphop artists like Nate Dog and the Eastsidas, Snoop Dogg and Myka Nine, and with a string of sound design credits, including Dexter and Smash, Jared has a wealth of musical experience that he pours into this comprehensive set of tutorials. As well showing how to record and process live parts, like the guitar lines that form the basic structure and embellish the song, there is a big focus on the musical aspects of composing, breaking it down into the 5 major elements - melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form.

In addition to numerous tips for how to program Reason’s various instruments, there are also techniques showing how to creatively edit audio samples to transform them into totally unique parts that work with your song, and a whole host of information on mixing down a track. Jared shows how the different sections of a song are constructed, ensuring that parts are developed musically and the harmony and arrangement has a coherent flow. As the course is made with Reason 7, a lot of the new updates in the software are covered, including devices like the Audiomatic Retro Transformer and new features on the main mixer such as the ability to create auxiliary channels for instantaneous parallel effects processing.

Signing up to the courses not only allows unrestricted 24/7 access to the tutorials for as long as you need but also means you can download the Reason song file made throughout the course, including all of the audio and sampler presets used. Additionally, the course comes with 300MB of extra bonus samples from the Loopmasters packs used in the movies, for adding to your sample library.

For more info, check out the course page on

Trailer Movie (video available on request)

Sample Module (video available on request)