Product News for April 5, 2007

Electronic Musician Product News for April 5, 2007 includes Abaltat Beat editing tool, BIAN Peak Pro Upgrade, Blue Cat Audio, Native Instruments certification program and more

Post-production software company Abaltat has announced Abaltat Beat (Mac), a music-style editing tool that creates drum tracks to match edited video clips. It expresses the best rhythmic fit for your videos in BPM, with adjustable time signature and tempo. All of your work can be played back in sync with the video and exported as a MIDI or QuickTime file. Abaltat Beat is available for download from the company's Web site.

If you want to upgrade from BIAS Peak Pro 5 to Peak Pro 6, you have more time than originally thought. All registered users of Peak Pro 5 can pre-order the Peak Pro 6 upgrade from now through May 31, 2007 at a reduced price of $149 as a download-only purchase. Pre-ordering will save you money—when Peak Pro 6 becomes available, the upgrade price for Peak Pro 5 users will be $179.

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Blue Cat Audio's DirectX and VST plug-ins are now compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. You can download demo versions of all of Blue Cat's commercial plug-ins in a single bundle, as well as all of Blue Cat's freeware plug-ins in a single package.

Native Instruments has announced "Traktor Scratch Certified," a certification program that will enable selected DJ mixers with integrated audio interface to fully integrate with the company's upcoming vinyl-controlled DJ system, Traktor Scratch. Owners of certified mixers will also be able to purchase a special-priced Traktor Scratch Upgrade Kit, which upgrades the mixer into a DJ system that is ready to be hooked up to a computer, turntable, and CD player. MORE.

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Talkhouse has a new Voice Activated Music Player, available as a free trial-version download from the company's new Web site. The almost-hands-free application supports Windows XP or Vista, Mac, and Linux, and accepts all major music formats including Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, MP3, M4a, and M4p. To use it, press a button and then say what you want to hear.