Product News for December 12, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for December 12, 2006 features EM Reader Pix, AES Nashville audio test CD, Mixing With the Pros tutorial DVD, Microsoft Windows Vista, Precisionsound Persian Santur and more

NEW! EM Reader Pix
Send us pictures of your personal studio setup for the chance to appear in eMusician Xtra and! We're interested in seeing what's in your lair; what gear do you have, and how many boxes and wires do you trip over to get to it? Every week, EM Editors will select a picture (along with links to your Web site or MySpace) to appear in each eMusician Xtra, and every month, we'll highlight an especially swank Reader Pix on EM's Web site.

Email your pictures to Please include your name, location (city and state), and URL to your personal Web site or MySpace page. We look forward to seeing you!

AES Nashville has issued an audio test CD ($12) featuring 71 tracks of test signals for engineers. In addition to level-calibration tones, noise signals, and polarity pulses, the reference disc also packages dry-recorded kicks and snares, acoustic guitar and piano, and a cappella male and female vocals. The test CD is available now through Quantegy Online.

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Mixing With the Pros (Mac/Win; $55) is the latest tutorial DVD from ASK Video Interactive Media. Featuring engineer James Tuttle, the DVD offers more than three hours of how-to instruction on everything from EQs, compressors, and amp simulators to instrument setup, editing, and automation. The result is a fully constructed mix of John McVey's "Incognito," and the DVD-ROM includes all of the individual source files for users to follow along.

Getting a jump on the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista release, due in January 2007, MOTU has released Vista-compatible public beta drivers for all of its current FireWire, PCI, and USB hardware interfaces. MORE.

Precisionsound brings the 72 strings and three-octave range of the Persian Santur to studios everywhere in a new multisampled instrument titled Persian Santur ($69, download; $80, DVD). Sampled with both hard and soft mallets in three velocities, Persian Santur contains over two hundred 24-bit stereo WAV samples for HALion, Kontakt and SoundFont formats.

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NEW! EM Cast
Check out this brand new monthly podcast featuring an interview with producer Ted Perlman, a look at new gear with EM associate editor Geary Yelton, and a preview of the January issue of EM with editor-in-chief Steve Oppenheimer.

MixBooks Is Live!
Finally available, MixBooks offers educational books and DVDs focused on recording and production, sound reinforcement, and tips & techniques, as well as buyer's guides, directories, and back issues. Great gifts for the holiday season! Check it out at