Product News for July 7, 2005

Big Fish Audio Loop library, ManyStation Version 2 VSTi, Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series, new Tone2 VST-format synthesizer and more...

Big Fish Audio has released Electro Magnetic Fury ($99.95), a loop library that includes 95 construction kits on a single DVD-ROM. Play the demo here.

Manytone has released ManyStation Version 2 (Win; $99.99). The VSTi comes with 1.5 GB of sounds including multi-sampled acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, cellos, and vintage hardware synths.

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Sony has announced the Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series, Volumes 1 through 10. Volumes 1-5 of the Sound Effects Series include animals, natural elements, backgrounds, home and office, and vintage comedy; Volumes 6-10 include fantasy, sci-fi, horror, combat, weaponry, weather, and period effects for devices and vehicles. You can purchase Volumes 1-5 and 6-10 separately for $249.97 or altogether in a boxed set for a special price of $449.95.

TerraTec has announced that all current FireWire products of the TerraTec Producer range, as well as the Guitar-to-MIDI Controller AXON AX 100 MKII, are now compatible with Intel-based Macs. The new drivers can be downloaded from the TerraTec Producer Web site in the driver section.

Tone2 has launched Firebird ($69), a new VST-format synthesizer with Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synthesis. Firebird has 300 built-in sounds, including studio standards as well as special Firebird sounds characterized by multi-layered modulations. A demo version is available for download at Tone2's Web site.

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