Product News for June 13, 2006

Ableton free upgrade, BIAS promotion of select software, Cakewalk page, Mackie free downloads, MPCsounds library for the Akai MPC drum machine and more...

Ableton is offering a free upgrade to Live Lite 5 Enhanced Edition for registered users of Live Lite Digidesign Edition and Live Lite Delta M-Audio Edition. The upgrade offers plug-in delay compensation, MIDI remote control, ReWire support, high-definition recording and rendering (up to 32-bit), Mackie Control support, Track Freeze, and the Complex warp mode for on-the-fly time stretching.

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BIAS has extended its spring promotion of select software products though July 31, 2006.

Cakewalk has launched a page to provide an easy way for customers and musicians to stay informed of Cakewalk Events, product announcements, as well as participate in MySpace-only Cakewalk contests.

Mackie is offering free downloads of its C4 Commander virtual MIDI and hardware control software (Mac/Win).

MPCsounds has released Vinyl Scratchez ($29.95), a library for the Akai MPC drum machine featuring 1,536 vinyl kick and cymbal scratches performed by professional DJs. The library, available in two separate soundsets (Tha Kicks and Tha Cymbalz), is available in MPC 1000, 2000, XL, 2500, 3000, LE, and 4000 formats.

Looking for a ribbon microphone? Check out Myles Boisen's roundup of 13 mics in Ribbon Revival.