Product News for May 10, 2007

Electronic Musician Product News includes Dangerous Music D-Box, Eventide plug-ins, PreSonus Monitor Station Remote, RolloSonic, TerraTec Producer Axon AX 50 USB and more

Dangerous Music has begun shipping the D-Box ($1,699), a new DAW companion hardware unit designed for compact and mobile environments. The 1U rackmount box offers 8 channels of analog summing as well as features garnered from the company's other products such as the Monitor ST. The D-Box has an integrated programmable monitor control section with analog and digital inputs; a 24-bit, 96 kHz digital-to-analog converter; talkback; dual headphone amps with independent level control; and a speaker switcher.

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Until May 31, 2007, owners of Eventide plug-ins can upgrade to Anthology II at a discounted price. Anthology owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $249; Clockworks Legacy owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $429; and MassivePack, Octavox, Eventide Reverb, or H3000 Band Delays owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $699.

Now available from PreSonus is the Monitor Station Remote ($229.95) for the FireStudio 26x26 FireWire Recording System. The Monitor Station Remote (MSR) is a surround sound/stereo speaker manager, input switcher, and communication system that connects to the FireStudio via a standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable. The MSR features main speaker volume control; dual headphone amplifiers; Track mode, which enables nine stereo mixes for headphones during tracking; Mix mode, for switching between three sets of stereo monitors; Surround mode, for 5.1 surround volume control or mixing in surround sound; talkback; and control of dim, mute, and mono.

RolloSonic (Windows; $75) is a tool that lets you to create electronic sounds from your computer mouse's movement. In real-time, RolloSonic monitors your mouse's position, and then feeds this information into a modular sound-synthesis system. You can download RolloSonic from the company's Web site.

TerraTec Producer is now shipping the Axon AX 50 USB ($549), a guitar-to-MIDI-controller based on the Axon AX 100 MK II. MORE.

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