Product News for May 15, 2007

Electronic Musician Product News includes Ableton Live Lite upgrade, Cakewalk's Windows Vista Musicians' Resource Page, Camel Audio presets for Native Instruments Kore and more

All users of Ableton Live Lite can now purchase an upgrade to the full version of Live 6 at the discounted price of $419. The full version features unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, scenes, sends, and returns; unlimited instances of audio and MIDI effects, VST, and AU plug-ins; an unlimited number of Clip Envelopes; HD multitrack recording (32-bit, 192 kHz); full ReWire (slave and master), ASIO, and Core Audio support; the Essential Instruments Collection; and much more.

Cakewalk's Windows Vista Musicians' Resource Page is up and running. Designed to provide Vista resources and benefits, the page offers links to hardware and software products that natively support Vista, information on how to choose the right version of Vista for you, and relevant news stories that concern Vista and its applications for music creation and audio production.

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Camel Audio now offers presets for Native Instruments Kore, as well as Kore presets for the Biolabs Absynth Sounds collection. MORE.

Bow down to the EBow with Soniccouture's new eBow Guitar (approximately $89 for a download, $93 for a DVD version) for Kontakt 2 and EXS24. This 1.2 GB library features 950 24-bit, 44.1 kHz samples of the EBow on acoustic and electric guitar. What is an EBow, you ask? Also known as the Energy Bow, the EBow is a handheld device that bows the strings of a guitar using an electromagnetic field, producing a unique guitar sound with a very slow attack and infinite sustain. With eBow Guitar, you get 950 samples at high- and low-power settings, with and without vibrato, in stereo for acoustic guitar, and in mono for electric guitar.

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New from Sonivox is Broadway Big Band (Mac/Win; $2,495) by Fable Sounds. MORE.