Product News for May 18, 2006

Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphone, Digidesign Trillium Lane Labs plug-ins for Pro Tools, Drums On Demand Volume 7, Sennheiser e 602 II cardioid dynamic microphone...more

Crowley and Tripp is now shipping its new dual-voiced ribbon microphone, the Naked Eye ($745). The mic comes with a 3-year warranty.

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Digidesign is shipping two new Trillium Lane Labs plug-ins for Pro Tools: the TL Drum Rehab drum replacement tool and the TL AutoPan panning plug-in. TL Drum Rehab (RTAS) can load 16 different replacement samples for each track and assign them to different velocity zones. TL AutoPan (RTAS/TDM) features stereo and surround panning (TDM only for surround panning), LFO modulation, envelope modulation, and output and pan modulation metering.

Drums On Demand has released Drums on Demand Volume 7—Tight 'n' Dry, which is available in stereo ($79.95) and multitrack formats. (The upgrade from stereo is $99.95) The collection includes Song Sets, loop layers, and plenty of single hits. The tempo range is from 68 to 175 bpm.

Sennheiser has introduced the e 602 II ($289) cardioid dynamic microphone. The mic was designed for use with low-frequency instruments, such as kick drums, bass guitar, and tubas. According to the manufacturer, the mic weighs 40 percent less than its predecessor.

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Voxengo r8brain Pro version 1.4 (Win; freeware ), which offers sample rate conversion and resampling, is now available. The product supports EBU BWF extensions; 16-, 24-, and 32-bit PCM and IEEE WAV files; and multi-channel files.

Propellerhead Software is shipping Reason 3.0.5, which offers full native compatibility with Apple Intel-based Macs. The update is a free download for registered users.