Product News for May 30, 2006

Audio-Technica clip-on hybrid headphones, Discovery Sound CD-ROM of video game sounds, Gator Cases multi-output power supply, PreSonus updated software control panels and more...
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Audio-Technica has released import series ATH-EC7 GM ear-bud/clip-on hybrid headphones ($249) in the U.S. for the first time. These headphones feature a 3-position adjustable design for a custom fit, 15.5 mm drivers, a neodymium magnet, and an asymmetrical cable with extension cord.

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Discovery Sound is shipping 8 Bit Family 2 ($55), a CD-ROM with over 530 MB of video game sounds in Acidized WAV, REX2, Kontakt, Battery, and RNS for Reason 3.0.4 formats.

Gator Cases has released the G-BUS-8-US ($149.99) multi-output power supply for use with guitar effects pedals. The G-BUS-8-US has heavy-duty aluminum housing and four mounting holes for pedal boards. Included with the G-BUS-8-US is a 1700 milliamp switchable power supply and nine 24-inch cables for each output to power pedals.

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McDSP has announced that Emerald Pack upgrade prices will increase as of July 1, 2006. There are six Emerald Pack upgrade plans, priced according to the number of McDSP plug-ins you will upgrade from. No matter how much you already own, upgrading to Emerald Pack after July 1 will cost you two to six hundred dollars more than it does now.

PreSonus has announced that all PreSonus recording interfaces (including Firepod, Firebox and Inspire 1394) are now fully compatible with Intel Macs. Download updated software control panels here.