Product News for May 8, 2007

Electronic Musician Product News includes Arturia version 1.2 of the ARP2600 V, new microphones from Avlex Corporation, eMasters new social networking site and more

Arturia has announced version 1.2 of the ARP2600 V, which now features Universal Binary support, VST 2.4 and Steinberg Cubase 4 compatibility, and a new installer. The upgrade is free to all registered users and can be downloaded at Arturia's Web site.

Avlex Corporation has announced four new microphones: the Superlux E522/B X/Y, the Superlux E523/D X/Y, the Superlux E531/BCS M/S, and the Superlux R102. MORE.

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If you like studio gear, you'll like eMasters' new social networking site, My Bedroom Studio, "where studio tans are worn with pride." In similar fashion to MySpace, My Bedroom Studio allows you to post information, pictures, and videos about your studio setup, as well as exchange production tips, ask questions, and advertise your services with other members.

Rise and shine—Thermionic Culture has released Earlybird 1.2 (approximately $3,637), a two-channel tube preamplifier. As a simplified version of the Earlybird 2.2, the new release uses the same tubes and transformers but doesn't have Thermionic Culture Pullet EQ inputs. According to the manufacturer, the Earlybird 1.2 is ideal if you want the sound but not the extra features of the Earlybird 2.2.

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