Product News for November 14, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for November 14, 2006 features Arturia CS-80V, ASK Video Pro Tools DVD tutorials, Enhanced Audio record and tape wizard, Korg C-720 digital concert piano and more

Arturia's CS-80V, the reproduction of the original Yamaha CS-80, has been updated with Universal Binary support. Version 1.6 also adds VST 2.4 and Cubase 4 capability, improved factory presets, a new installer, and a Pro Tools integration bug fix. MORE.

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ASK Video Interactive Media has released the first of three Pro Tools DVD tutorials, Pro Tools Level 1 (Mac/Win; $55), which covers the basics of Digidesign Pro Tools LE and HD and how to apply it to music, TV, and film. The tutorial features 29 videos and more than 2 hours of instruction on installation, setup, recording through MIDI, editing, signal flow, bussing, automation, and bouncing to disk. According to the manufacturer, Level 1 is ideal for new Pro Tools users; more advanced users, however, can use the tutorial as a reference or refresher course.

Enhanced Audio has announced Audio Mentor ($59), a record and tape wizard that makes the transfer and cleanup of treasured recordings quick and painless. Audio Mentor's features include Auto-Track, Auto-RIAA, MP3 and WMA automation, trim and fade windows, restoration product integration, a CD maker, and a simple file system.

The Korg C-720 ($4,900) digital concert piano features a realistic 88-note graded hammer action keyboard and real piano sounds. MORE.

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PC audio product provider Tracer Technologies has released Audio: The Movie ($39), an educational DVD that covers the principles of audio without digging too deeply into the mathematics involved. The DVD's chapters explain amplitude, bit width, sample rate, frequency domain, aliasing, dithering, quantization, and compression.

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