Product News for October 24, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for October 24, 2006 features Solid State Logic new versions of Duende, TC Electronic Konnekt 8 and PowerCore Express, EM Spotlight on Nick Didkovsky of Doctor Nerve and more

Solid State Logic has announced that new versions of Duende ($1,899) for PCs and Intel-based Macs will be available in November 2006. Duende is a DSP platform that integrates with most audio workstations. It includes an SSL channel strip with filters, E and G series EQ, dynamics processing, and the SSL Bus Compressor.

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Solid State Logic has also announced two new modules for the X-Rack system: the Four Channel Input ($925), a four mono line input module; and the Master Bus ($1,110), a summing, metering, and control room module. MORE.

TC Electronic is shipping Konnekt 8 (Mac/Win; $375), an audio interface that features two Impact mic preamps that are switchable to high-impedance guitar inputs or balanced line inputs. MORE.

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TC Electronic is also shipping PowerCore Express (Mac/Win; $1,495), the PCIe version of PowerCore, which gives you access to many PowerCore plug-ins from TC Electronic and other developers such as Sony Oxford, Novation, Access, and Noveltech. PowerCore Express ships with the same 14 plug-ins as PowerCore PCI mkII, including two types of reverb, multiple compressors, chorus/delay, parametric EQ, a synth, and a guitar amp simulator.

The latest EM Spotlight on Nick Didkovsky of Doctor Nerve is now available!

Roger Powell has released his new CD, Fossil Poets, which is available on iTunes.