Product News for October 3, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for October 3, 2006 features Ableton Live 6 and Sampler, A-Designs Audio mic preamplifier, Sonic Studio licensing iZotope's sample rate conversion algorithms, TC Electronic Konnekt 24D and more

Ableton has released Live 6 ($599 for boxed version; $499 for download version). Its many features include QuickTime video support, a professional multisample library, customizable instrument and effect racks, and multicore and multiprocessor support.

Ableton has also released Sampler ($199), a sampling instrument available as an upgrade within Live 6. MORE.

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A-Designs Audio has announced the EM-Gold ($850) 500 Series-compatible mic preamplifier. It features a 1/4-inch high-impedence direct inject input for instruments; switches for 48V phantom power, a -20 dB pad, and phase; 62 dB of gain; and custom-wound input and output transformers.

iZotope, Inc. has announced that Sonic Studio is licensing iZotope's MBIT+dither and 64-bit SRC sample rate conversion algorithms for inclusion in Sonic Studio's soundBlade native. MORE.

TC Electronic is shipping the Konnekt 24D ($625) DSP audio interface. The Konnekt 24D features 14 inputs and outputs, including 2 front panel inputs that combine TC Electronic's IMPACT (Integrated Mic Preamp Circuit Technology) mic preamps. The interface comes bundled with Steinberg Cubase LE software.

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