Product News for October 31, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for October 31, 2006 features Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder, Korg USB-MIDI studio controller keyboard, Precisionsound Retro Gadgets Vol. 2, SoundTech Professional Audio LightSnake USB Intelligent Microphone Cable and more

Boss is shipping the Micro BR Digital Recorder ($319.50), a pocket-sized guitar companion and recording studio that has an onboard guitar multieffects processor, 32 recording tracks with 4 simultaneous playback tracks, almost 300 drum patterns, and USB compatibility for loading and playing back MP3 files.

Korg has announced the K61P ($450) USB-MIDI studio controller keyboard, which combines controller functions with 24 sounds. MORE.

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Precisionsound has released Retro Gadgets Vol. 2 ($25 download; $36 CD), a collection of sampled toy instruments for Steinberg Halion, Native Instruments Kontakt, and SoundFont. The library contains V-Tech-Music Major, WOC 100, and Texas Instruments Speak & Music programs.

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SoundTech Professional Audio is shipping the LightSnake USB Intelligent Microphone Cable (Mac/Win; $69.99). The LightSnake, which has a standard XLR tip on one end and a USB tip on the other, features an embedded 16-bit analog to digital converter and signal booster.

Synthogy has released the Italian Grand Expansion Pack ($139) for Ivory, which features an Italian ten-foot concert grand piano. MORE.

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