Product News for September 13, 2007

Electronic Musician Product News includes Allen & Heath USB-equipped mixers, Digidesign Venue and Pro Tools HD bundles, and more
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Allen & Heath has launched a new range of small format, USB-equipped mixers. Read more.

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Audiofile Engineering has recently acquired Rax 2 software from PLASQ. Read more.

Available now from Digidesign are four new Venue and Pro Tools|HD bundles that offer significant savings. Read more.

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Starplugs has updated its SuperSizer Mono and SuperSizer Stereo compressor/limiters to version 1.10. Read more.

Submersible is shipping Sk8PuNKbeAtz, a street-smart set of punk and urban beats (plus MIDI kits) by Chuck Treece. Read more.

Thank you to Kristi Kates for contributing to this edition of eMusician Xtra.