Product News for September 19, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for September 19, 2006 Apogee Symphony PCI-X Card, Digidesign X-Form AudioSuite, PreSonus Audio FaderPort, Steinberg ASIO 2.2 SDK, Universal Audio 4.4 software, more

Apogee is shipping the Symphony PCI-X Card, a digital computer interface controlled by Apogee's Maestro (Mac OS X) software. MORE.

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Digidesign is shipping X-Form ($595), an AudioSuite time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting plug-in for Pro Tools and Avid DNA systems. X-Form offers polyphonic and monophonic algorithms.

PreSonus Audio has announced the FaderPort (Mac/Win), a desktop USB automation and transport controller, which features a touch-sensitive motorized fader and a footswitch jack. The FaderPort works with Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic, and other recording software. It will be available in October, 2006.

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Steinberg has announced the ASIO 2.2 SDK, a 64-bit version that lets you create ASIO-ready host applications and drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows OS. The SDK will soon be available for download at Steinberg's Web site.

Universal Audio has announced v. 4.4 software (Mac/Win) for the UAD-1 and UAD-1e DSP Card and Powered Plug-Ins system. The new version includes a 14-day demo of the Neve-licensed 33609/SE Bus Compressor. Full authorizations of the 33609/33609 SE two-plug-in bundle are $249 for registered UAD-1 customers. You can download the update at Universal Audio's Web site.

The latest Special Report, sponsored by Primera, offers mastering tips for the personal studio. Read about it here.