Product News for September 21, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for September 21, 2006 features out of beta, Casio keyboards, Line 6 Floor Pod, Soundcraft MPM Seriesmixers, Steinberg Cubase 4, Cubase Studio 4, more
Original: has announced its launch out of beta. The online marketplace, which lets you buy or sell your digital content, offers more than 80,000 downloadable digital products, including software, games, e-books, royalty-free music, legal forms, and video.

Casio has added the WK-3300 ($349.99) and the CTK-900 ($229.99) to its performance series of keyboards. The new models feature an SD card slot and USB capability, as well as an SMF player, a ZPI sound source, and the Internet Data Expansion System for downloading new sounds and settings.

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Line 6 is shipping Floor Pod ($279.99), a multi-effect floor processor with a built-in foot controller. Floor Pod has 7 adjustable effects, 64 presets, 3 footswitches to select presets and turn effects on or off, and a CD/MP3/iPod jack.

Soundcraft has announced the MPM Series mixers. The MPM12/2 ($689) has 12 mono inputs and 2 stereo input strips, and the MPM20/2 ($969) has 20 mono inputs with 2 stereo input strips. Both MPMs have three auxilliary busses, XLR connectors, and RCA phono connectors.

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Steinberg has announced Cubase 4 (Mac/Win; $999) and Cubase Studio 4 (Mac/Win; $499). MORE.

The latest Special Report, sponsored by Primera, offers mastering tips for the personal studio. Read about it here.