Product News for September 25, 2007

Electronic Musician Product News includes Camel Audio Starscape Absynth Sounds, Fostex PD 606 and the PD 204 digital field recorders, and more

Now available are Camel Audio's Starscape Absynth Sounds for Native Instruments Absynth 4, and Biolabs Massive Sounds for Native Instruments Massive. Read more.

db audioware has released version 1.1.0 upgrades of Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate. Read more.

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Fostex has introduced the PD 606 and the PD 204 digital field recorders. Read more.

Sonivox, formerly known as Sonic Implants, has released the Symphonic Harp sample library for the Kontakt platform. Read more.

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Sterling Audio's large-diaphragm condenser microphones feature large capsules with the Disk Resonator system. Read more.

At this year's AES Convention, Telefunken USA is introducing the Ela M 260. Read more.

New from Terra Digital Audio is the M7 line of Intel-based Quad Core digital audio workstations for Digidesign Pro Tools LE. Read more.