Product News for September 26, 2006

Product News From Electronic Musician for September 26, 2006 features Carvin Icon IC5S bassguitar, iZotope Radius technology, Sonivox new 24-bit SoundFont banks, Ugo Ironhead Morphing Percussion Synth Tunguska Morphing Multi-Effect VST plug-ins and more

Carvin has announced the Icon IC5S bass guitar ($1,119), which has two SP2 soap bar humbucking pickups and 18V active/passive electronics. Passive mode includes pull-up master volume and pickup blend control; active mode includes pull-up master volume, pickup blend control, and stacked mid-frequency and sweep control with a 200 - 1,000 Hz range.

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iZotope has licensed its Radius technology to Digidesign for use with the X-Form (from $75 to $495) plug-in, which is powered by Radius's time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms. MORE.

Sonivox has released two new 24-bit SoundFont banks: Symphonic Strings X-Fi and Symphonic Brass X-Fi ($39.95 each). Click here to listen to an MP3 demo of Symphonic Brass X-Fi and here for a demo of Symphonic Strings X-Fi.

Ugo has released Ironhead Morphing Percussion Synth ($40) and Tunguska Morphing Multi-Effect VST plug-ins. Ironhead features 15 percussion instruments and offers morphing and variance modulation. It comes bundled with Tunguska, a multi-effect plug-in designed to work with Ironhead.

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Wave Arts has announced that Power Suite 5.21 now includes Universal Binary support. Power Suite 5 (Mac/Win) features TrackPlug, MasterVerb, Multidynamics, Panorama, and FinalPlug plug-ins. The 5.21 update is free for Version 5 users.

The latest Special Report, sponsored by Primera, offers mastering tips for the personal studio. Read about it here.